Funnest Known Time


2020 Turkey Edition–Adventure Race!

General Information: Funnest Known Time is a checkpoint based adventure race. There is no set course. Participants will be emailed pdf maps with checkpoints. The goal is to find as many checkpoints as possible in the allotted time. The 2020 Turkey Edition will include running (or walking) and biking. This is a fundraiser for the Madnorski Juniors Cross Country Team. All proceeds will go to the team.

This race is intended as something that can be done as a family with kids over the Thanksgiving holiday. If you just watched Eco Challenge and wanted to give adventure racing a try, this would be a good introductory event. Checkpoints will have clues with a question to answer. For example, a checkpoint might be an interpretative sign found on a trail with a question that can be answered by reading the sign.
Location: The 2020 Turkey Edition is being held in the Madison area. Where exactly? That you won’t find out until you receive your maps.

Date: Due to Covid this is being put on as a virtual event Thanksgiving week (November 23-November 29) Each participant or team can take on Funnest Known Time at any point during the week, but only once. No scouting or rerunning the course. Navigation is part of the challenge.
Distances: In order to get all of the Checkpoints expect 16-24 miles biking and  6-10 miles on foot.
Maps: Maps will be emailed to the team captain Nov 22 at 7:00 pm. It is the racer’s responsibility to print out the maps if they would like paper copies. 
Pre Race Meeting: We will hold a Zoom meeting Nov 22 at 7:00 pm to answer any questions and review rules.
Race Categories:
4 hour
Solo male $20
Solo female $20
Mixed gender 2 person $35
Male 2 person  $35
Female 2 person $35
3+ family $50
2 Hour
Solo male $20
Solo female $20
Mixed gender 2 person $35
Male 2 person  $35
Female 2 person $35
3+ family $50
Note: If paying with credit card, there will be a $3 charge added.  To pay without the $3 charge, please use Madnorski Venmo Account listed at the bottom of page with your team name.
Both races will receive the same maps. The 2 hour category teams will have to choose what portion of the map to attack in their 2 hour timeframe. 4 hour teams may or may not be able to get to every checkpoint within 4 hours.
We have a table of swag prizes. Category winning teams will be chosen at random to choose an item and we will then move on to the next randomly chosen team.
1. No scouting or pre-running the course. You only get one shot to set a time.
2. No GPS aids for navigation (no use of GPS functions on watches, phones, or bike computer/head units is allowed).
3. All team members must remain within 30 feet of each other at all times. 
4. Category winning teams must provide a GPS file to document their time to be eligible for a prize **But doesn’t this conflict with rule #2 you might ask? A GPS logging app can be run on the background on your phone, you just can’t use it to navigate. Same goes for a watch. If you have a GPS watch you can log with that, but you can’t use the GPS on your watch to navigate. That includes getting distance from your watch. Top tip: if you want to track distance, pace count.
5. All traffic rules must be obeyed at all times.
6. The team with the most checkpoints wins. If teams have the same number of checkpoints, the team that found them the fastest wins.
7. Where a team starts the race is up to them, The time continues until the team returns to the starting point.
8. For every minute a team returns late to the starting point, they lose a checkpoint.
9. Unless a checkpoint is in an area marked off limits to bikes on the maps, checkpoints can be found by foot or bike provided all local rules are adhered to.

Register HERE

After your registration is received you will receive maps and instructions including access to watch the recorded pre race meeting on Zoom.
Note: All participants 18+ years old must have WI State Trail Pass with them while racing.
Questions? Contact Race Director.

Thank you to our race sponsor – Enjoy Winter!

And a hearty thanks to all our participants for supporting Nordic Skiing in Madison and the Junior team!