Lapham Peak – Delafield

The manmade loop is just over one mile, with a gradual uphill, nice downhill (the magic carpet), then a recovery loop of easy skating or double-poling. Spectacular skating and classic skiing on the manmade loop on Thursday afternoon 1/13, when it was warm. Classic skiing on Friday afternoon 1/14 was still great, though the tracks were a little glazed in a few spots with the newly cold temperatures. The magic carpet downhill was *thrilling* in the track but started to get a bit dicey by late afternoon on Friday (at least for me). Outside of the tracks was still great for this downhill. Lapham Loppet race is Saturday morning, so I'm not sure if the manmade loop will be open to the rest of us before the afternoon or how much wear and tear the course will experience because of the race. Maybe check before driving over. I did not try anything away from the manmade loop this week.