MadNorSki Summer Training – Juniors

Two 7-week Sessions with Three Program Levels
Session 1:  May 6-June 23, 2018
Session 2:  June 24-August 18, 2018 (no practices week of July 4th)

Summer is the season when skiers are made. The goal of the MadNorSki junior program is to improve technique, build aerobic capacity, and establish or build a strong endurance base, all while having fun. This will prepare our athletes well for when the snow flies, whether they choose to ski for fun and recreation, to compete in that first race, or to race in high school, Midwest or national competitions. Because of the agility, strength and coordination that our programs build, MadNorSki summer training will help athletes excel in every other sport they are involved in, in addition to Nordic skiing.

The MadNorSki summer program is designed for skiers of all ages and levels, from beginners to those with goals of competing at the junior national level, in college, or beyond. Our program offers superior training in both skate and classic techniques and incorporates agility, endurance, and strength training.

Our program is unique in the region for its low skier to coach ratio (never more than 5 to 1), the high degree of technical experience of our USSA certified coaches (see bios), and our club’s strong partnership with CXC Skiing’s Center of Excellence, the Midwest region’s governing body at the US Ski and Snowboard Association. While other programs may offer less expensive options, MadNorSki is committed to quality and consistent improvement.

Note: Each participant requires a Medical Treatment Release and a Liability Release to be fill-in, signed, and brought to the first practice.

Level 1: Prep Program ($112/per session)

U12/U14 (Middle School ages) or U16, U18, U20 (Beginning skiers, High School ages)
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Mondays, 5:15-7:00 pm
Eagle School

Just new to skiing or want to try it out?  Come to our once-a-week sessions where we’ll help you feel comfortable on roller skis while you gain confidence and increase your athletic skill development.   We’ll focus on balance, technique, coordination, agility and building aerobic capacity and fitness. In addition to roller skiing, we’ll do trail running, hill bounding, and other outdoor adventures.

Equipment can be rented for the summer for nominal fee for beginners, as available.

*Middle school athletes (ages 10-13) are encouraged to participate in the Igor Legacy Camp, June 15-17 in Standing Rocks, WI. See:

Level 2: Development Program ($224/per session)

U16, U18, U20 (High School) athletes with at least one season of participation, or approval of head coaches
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Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:15-7:00 pm
Eagle School (Mondays)
Lussier Heritage Center (Wednesdays)

Want to improve your skiing next winter and have fun in the process? Come to our sessions two days a week and work on building up your aerobic capacity and improving your skate and classic techniques.  While we focus primarily on roller skiing, we’ll work on technique, agility training, and endurance, through a variety of activities, including running, hill bounding, swimming, paddling, and mountain biking. This program is designed for athletes who have aspirations at the high school level and will incorporate technique review, fitness testing and sport-specific strength exercises.

Equipment can be rented for first year skiers for a nominal fee, as available.

*High school athletes are encouraged to participate in one or more CXC Open Camps, June 10-15 (Cable, WI); July 15-20 (Duluth, MN); August 3-9 (Ironwood, MI).  See:

Level 3: Competition Program ($336/per session)

U16, U18, U20 (High school) athletes who want to improve performance in state high school races, junior national qualifier, and national competitions. An additional training program add-on is available, see details below.
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Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 5:15-7:00 pm
Eagle School (Mondays)
Lussier Heritage Center (Wednesdays)
& other trails, TBD (Fridays)

Want to improve your performance in Wisconsin high school races, the State Championship, the Junior National Qualifiers, or National Championships?  This program is for you.  For the more serious athlete, this program will include more high intensity training, over distance sessions, and a strong emphasis on gaining agility and fitness. In addition to practice, all participants in this program will be required to commit to strength training, follow and keep a consistent training log, train with the group, and keep one another motivated. This program is based on a year-round training model and will begin in the second week of May. The level three program will also entail video review for technique analysis, fitness testing to ensure progress, and accommodation to athlete’s lifestyle and sports outside of skiing. Athletes will participate in goal setting sessions to map out training, while they learn to communicate their individual needs.

Equipment must be provided by participating skiers.

*High school athletes are encouraged to participate in one or more CXC Open Camps, June 10-15 (Cable, WI); July 15-20 (Duluth, MN); August 3-9 (Ironwood, MI). 


**Weekend training camps are also being coordinated with other Wisconsin teams over the summer, and dates are still being established. Stay tuned!


  • Prices are for each 7-week session
  • We will have 2-seven week programs
  • You can sign up for one of both. 
  • Session 1:  May 6-June 23 (spring)
  • Session 2:  June 24-August 18 (summer)
     — no practices week of July 4th

Level 1: $112/per session (both $224, spring & summer)
Level 2: $224/per session (both $448, spring & summer)
Level 3: $336/per session (both $672, spring & summer)

Training Plan Add-On (Level 3) $80/month

The Training plan includes a customized daily workout protocol to meet each athlete’s individual skill development, process and performance goals. Plans will be developed by Coach Karmen Whitham and will use Training Peaks, an online program. Each training plan will incorporate a periodized plan to enable a progressive measure of strength, cardiovascular fitness and, ultimately peak performance at the most important race events.

Coach Whitham will schedule weekly individual conversations or calls with athletes to review plans, holding athletes accountable for recording and logging their progression, and modifying training plans as needed due to illness, injury, cross-training or other.  Please contact Coach Karmen Whitham with questions or concerns.