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BlackHawk Ski Area (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 18 2017 Poor Skate Hiawatha Express
  Icy boilerplate at 7:30 a.m.
February 17 2017 Good Skate Hiawatha Express
  Fast and fun.
February 14 2017 Excellent Skate Douglas
  Groomer was finished taking a pass by 8:40 this morning, leaving lots of beautifully groomed (and fast!) transformed snow on the Siberian Highway and the hills. Get out in the mornings if you want good conditions - it seems like they're grooming when it's still around freezing and the snow can easily get really soft and rutted in the afternoon sun.
February 13 2017 Poor Skate Hiawatha Express
  With the temps below freezing this morning, the skate deck was frozen ruts. It's not boilerplate or ice, but it's difficult to get your skis to track when they're bouncing all over the ruts. It's better than nothing and given that it's going to warm up and soften the snow today, it should be better for everyone except us early birds. There is still a very thick ribbon of snow, so it should hold up for quite a while.
February 12 2017 Fair Skate Douglas
  With the warm temps, it looks like grooming hasn't been possible in the last few days. The skate deck has been pretty soft the past two days and is getting pretty rutted in most places. Both main hills are in good condition for going up - not too torn up - but be careful on the way down because the freeze/thaw cover on the base makes it faaaaaaaaast. Still, great to be able to ski when everywhere else is melting. Well worth a membership each winter!
February 9 2017 Excellent Skate Moxie Mayhem
  After a failed attempt to ski icy U Ridge, we were happy to find good groomed trails at Blackhawk. Very little ice aside from the parking lot. The Erdman trail is in good shape as well all the way to Pleasant.

Blue Mound SP (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 15 2017 Fair Skate and Classic staff
  The campground (only) was groomed today , no tracks set. Some small asphalt patches starting to show. Icy in places.
February 13 2017 Poor Skate mig
  I skied yesterday morning (the 13th) at the campground. There was still snow, and, if it had been rolled, it would have been quite nice. But, as it was, it was rutted up with hard skate marks and footprints. We're going to get a few last cold days. The snow is still there. It would be great if Blue Mounds would roll the whole thing, so people could ski the rest of the week
February 8 2017 Fair Classic Blue Mound SP Staff
  Trails are in good to fair condition and last groomed and tracked on Feb. 8th. The ice has returned, but the majority of the track is in good condition with some ice in / under the track from time to time. PLEASE USE CAUTION ON DOWNHILLS. We were able to grind most of them twice, but several of the downhills have ice underneath (i.e. - Pleasure Valley, Campground entrance and the Plunge). Outside (left) track in Pleasure Valley is in good condition, we did not bother setting the inside track due to ice. Flintrock Trail has some long icy spots on the uphill to campground.
February 6 2017 Fair Classic Cowboy Eddie
  Good snow, but appears (and sign at office states) to not have been groomed since before candle light ski. Down hills very rutted and track washed out on corners. Nevertheless, lots of snow so get it before the next rain!

Cherokee Marsh (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 8 2017 No Go Classic Jan A
  No surprise; City website says groomed on 2/6; a spot check showed that the rain and following cold left a hard, icy trail surface. Hopefully the grooming will preserve what is there as a base for future new snow.

Elver Park (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 10 2017 Good Skate Mike Ivey
  Some surprisingly decent skating on the upper West Trails and on parts of the East Trails. Groomer thrilled me with a new section on the top of the East Trails that offered a view of the Capitol. Lots of room for more trails up on that side. Should still be decent Saturday. Manmade loop is good, too
February 10 2017 Excellent Skate B Parks
  Grooming team did a stellar job this morning. Thanks! They bypassed icy sections and created new temporary routes where possible. Nicely groomed over most of all trails except narrow hills. Bits of grass showing through in some exposed areas. Warm temps are here, sadly, and so conditions will deteriorate quickly from here out. Get out there soon before it's toast.
February 9 2017 Good Skate B Parks
  Today was example of a perfect dichotomy. The lower and flatter portions of Elver (around the hockey rink and the baseball diamonds) were probably the absolute best I have ever seen them in years of skiing there. Absolutely perfect corduroy. Could not be better. But once you went into the hills on either the East or West sides, you found much more marginal conditions as Randy C. pointed out yesterday. I skied the East side mainly and found a mix between very hard pack that had just enough crust on top for an edge thanks to grooming, and several glare ice patches that warranted great caution and avoidance. The West side that I did not ski as much showed similar conditions, but not as severe. However, I did not venture up high on the West side. Each side is skiable, but it certainly has been better this season and there is accumulating bothersome debris on the trails. Since it will get above freezing about noon tomorrow and pretty much stay there in the daytime without significant snow for the foreseeable future, it would be best to get out there soon because that could be your last chance for a long stretch.
February 8 2017 Good Skate and Classic Jeff S.
  After skiing the shallow-groomed but still very hard-packed glacial remnant on the U. Ridge Zimmer loop through mid-afternoon, Brian P. and I stopped at Elver at 3:30 and saw what appears to be a very good looking (from the parking lot) short loop like Yuri has been maintaining in these troubled times. The CL track alongside the skate lane on the portion we could see going partway up the sled hill looked sharp and pristine. We're going to investigate tomorrow (Thursday).
February 8 2017 Poor Skate and Classic Randy Cortright
  I ran the groomer over both the East and West Sides this morning. I would rate the trails skiable (Fair to Poor). Mother Nature was not kind to Elver as there is a significant amount of ice (glare ice to just icy snow). Was able to rough up the trail and leave some loose snow over most places, but beware that there are icy spots. Trail from the parking lot up to the west side is very icy, but skiable on the left side. East side had a little more snow (and less ice) and groomed up a little better. Best snow on the west side is going up the big hill. There is a small amount of dirt at the bottom of the big hill on the west side that you should be able to ski around. Tried to leave the existing tracks as there was little snow to set tracks.
February 6 2017 Good Skate Tony H.
  Thanks to the groomers who got out there first thing! Skiing was safer, tho more needles, twigs and dirt are coming up. Was slowing down considerably by the end of my lunch-time ski. Fingers crossed that it's not all gone by this weekend!

McCarthy Park (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 8 2017 Fair Skate Paul R
  Groomed about 3 K of trail for good skating, look to ski out of the front lot a 1.5k loop to the west of the parking lot, or head out the East trail to the sledding hill loop about 1.5k. Most of the park has not been re-groomed.
February 8 2017 Fair Skate and Classic Paul R
  I plan on Grooming after 4 P.M. tonight. I can't predict the results but I suspect we will have good sections and some poor sections with ice ponds. Madnorski practice tonight so at the very least a practice area will be prepared. You should be able to get in a bit of work if you are preparing for the Birkie, bring you B skis just in case. Good rule of thumb for skiing in warm weather, usually the trail will hold up when the overnight temps drop below freezing, If there is a 48 hour period above freezing or the second warm day in a row with overnight temps staying above freezing skiers should STAY OFF THE SKI TRAIL. I mentions this because someone skied last night and left deep frozen ruts in the snow. This will make the grooming very difficult, many passes with the groomer to fill in the holes.

Odana Golf Course (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 10 2017 Excellent Skate valerie
  tragically heroic crust skiing. slipping away with the temps...
February 8 2017 Fair Skate and Classic Trailbreaker
  O.K. skiing can be had at Odana. Classic skiers will find icy tracks that are easy to stay in. There are a few short stretches where you need to ski around very slippery frozen pondlets, unless you want to risk channeling your inner Bambi. I used my rattiest waxless rock skis, and found them perfect for the occasion, although I don't think there was a single exposed piece of gravel. They kicked right up Odana's limited hills. Skate skiers will find a glorious venue for crust skiing. The better crust is off the groomed trails. Like Willi said, we can all feel like world cuppers in these conditions!

Pleasant View Golf Course (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 14 2017 No Go Skate and Classic Tim D
  closed until we get more snow thanks Tim D
February 9 2017 Fair Skate Kevin
  Skate deck was hard and fast as you'd expect. Generally consistent snow with a few ruts or ice patches that were easy to spot. Coverage is excellent. Recent weather considered, the skiing is quite good and should remain so through midday Friday 2/10.
February 8 2017 Fair Skate and Classic Tim D
  skate deck was cut up today also I set some new track south of parking lot
February 7 2017 No Go Skate and Classic Dave Minden
  I'm cheating here as I did not ski today: this is a plea for anyone considering skiing to wait until things freeze up again, and I hope groomers will be out tomorrow to churn up the ice and slush.
February 6 2017 Excellent Skate B Parks
  Nicely covered and groomed this morning. The Erdman connector is also is good shape. The deck is in great shape save a couple of minor bumps and ruts. The classic tracks look worn compared to a couple of days ago, but are holding up well. If it does not rain too much today, then the snow should be able to withstand the warm-up over the next couple of days. Any snow in the evening over the next couple of days would also help. Keep your fingers crossed folks!

University Ridge Golf Course (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 15 2017 Poor Skate Tony H.
  Jumped from patch to patch, went up & down the Zimmer Loop hill (in the trees) several times, but it's no longer possible to ski the whole loop w/ out taking off your skis. Lots of ice of course. Likely No Go from here on out unless there's more snow in March.
February 14 2017 Poor Skate Craig
  Still skiable, at least in the morning. Just need to navigate the icy (morning)/water (afternoon) features and the growing patches of grass in the trail.
February 13 2017 Fair Skate Tony H.
  Still pretty skiable, hats off to the groomer! I would say any morning this week before noon would still give you a work out near home. Probably toast by the weekend However
February 13 2017 Poor Skate and Classic University Ridge Staff
  We broke up a very rooted skate deck this morning on the outer and inner ZImmer trails. One skier this morning said conditions were good and he only had to navigate icy patches on a few areas. We'll report back tomorrow if conditions are a no-go. Sorry, but night skiing will be closed.
February 12 2017 Poor Skate Craig
  The whole gamut - icy hard-pack in the shady sections, soft sticky snow in the sun and a few very wet sections reminiscent of Lake Hayward in last years Birkie. But hey - it's skiing! A staff member suggested today might be the last day they will be open this week so get it while you can.
February 10 2017 Good Skate and Classic University Ridge Staff
  We were able to groom the Zimmer Loops this morning. We did 3 passes on each loop with the knives almost all the way down. Early reports from skiers has been very positive. The Zimmer Loops are the only trails open until we get more snow. We will be open this weekend from 8-5pm.
February 9 2017 Poor Skate Craig
  I was told the Zimmer loops were the only trails open and that I should drive down and park on the road rather than attempting to ski down from the clubhouse. Skate deck was extremely hard packed and icy in many spots. If you fall, it will hurt (again, don't ask me how I know that). I gave up after one loop. Don't use your good skis. A pass or two with the groomer might be very helpful.
February 8 2017 Good Skate MellowYellow
  @5pm Zimmer was very hard packed with patches of ice here and there. Other loops same but I was glad to be using my rock skis. As always, stocking hats off to the URidge staff for their grooming expertise!
February 8 2017 Excellent Skate Dan Dudley
  Skied the Zimmer loop early am as trail was being groomed-just enough cover on the solid base to get a good edge-fast ungroomed part was a bit dicey-so the grooming helped a lot-Hats off to the grooming here! Track were decent shape too. Only a few icy spots. Get while the temps are still below freezing!
February 7 2017 No Go Skate and Classic University Ridge Staff
  It looks like our trails survived the rain last night however we are going to close all trails today in order to preserve the small base that we have. We should be able to groom tomorrow morning and reopen tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.
February 6 2017 Excellent Skate Douglas
  I was out at 10am and the U Ridge crew were just wrapping up re-grooming everything after the weekend. Fresh corduroy for inner/outer zimmer and looked like it extended to other trails too. New tracks looked good too, but everything is soft because it was already heating up above freezing by the time I left. Since nothing will firm up until tonight, I'd avoid much skiing here til temps are below freezing to keep things skiiable as long as possible.

East of Madison

No recent reports found!

Just North of Madison

9-Mile - Wausau (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 19 2017 Good Skate Dan Dudley
  Drove up to Wausau to find snow. Was suprised Nine Mile had full coverage still. Solid ice base with crust on top 8am 32f a bit icy hard to get good edge 9am 42f fast with great control 10 am 50f soft slow Never had such rapid changing conditions. Last ski before the Birkie IF it takes place due to warm weather continuing
February 14 2017 Good Skate Dan Dudley
  drove up to Nine Mile early am Tuesday. Trail had full coverage but were not groomed. Still a solid based but crusty with a few icy spots and a bare spot or two on the 20k loop. just enough crust to get a decent edge but a fresh groom would have made it even better. Base getting a bit thin and lots of pine needdles and twigs on the trail to dodge otherwise a great ski . 30F

Mirror Lake SP - Baraboo (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 9 2017 Fair Skate and Classic Park staff
  Trails very from good to poor condition. All the skate lanes were groomed yesterday and still have good coverage, the exception is on Ishnala by the new powerline (you will need to walk down the hill). Turtlevillle has a few thin spots and will probably be the first one to go with the warm weather. Tracks are still out there but are getting thin in a few spots. There are a few icy spots. With the warm weather coming in it's hard to say how long they will last, if it's cloudy we may get a few days to ski.

Standing Rocks (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 17 2017 Good Skate Tony H.
  Fast, and fun on the first loop, warming fast throughout the late morning. Much better coverage than anything else w/ in 90 mins. of Dane Co. Dirty in the tall pines on north side of Bear Lk. Likely won't last given the heat wave, but like a snowflake on your tongue, we got a taste!
February 13 2017 Good Skate Mike C.
  Just myself and the groomer this morning. Followed his 3 foot wide swath until he looped back around. Snow was fast with 27 degrees. Made it interesting on the downhills staying in the tilled snow or getting on packed ice. By noon conditions were getting soft and mushy. Full coverage, small debris that coukld be skied around or over. (pines needles, leaves etc. )

Other Locations

Other (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
February 16 2017 Excellent Skate Dan Dudley
  Made another trip north to find snow-this time Winter Park in Minocqua all Groomed trails were awesome-best skiing of the year for me. Solid base with perfectly groomed corduroy and perfect temp 20F. Get there before the big melt arrives!
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