MadNorSki Youth Program Overview

The mission of our youth programs is to encourage a life-long love of cross country skiing, to promote the love of the outdoors and sport, and to instill the highest standards for sportsmanship. Our youth programs provide a variety of learning, training and competitive opportunities for youth skiers of all ages and abilities, from ages 5-18, all over the greater Madison area.

Nordic Ski and Winter Fun Club (Ages 5-6)

Learn-to-ski for our youngest skiers focusing on basic skill development through games and activities for enjoying winter fun. Skiers must provide their own equipment (Classic skis, boots, poles)

Nordic Kids & Trail Kids (Ages 7-11)

Emphasis on learning to ski. Skiers must provide their own equipment. (Classic skis, boots, poles and for 2X Trail Kids, Skate skis, too)

Juniors (Ages 10-18)

Continue to learn techniques, focus on sportsmanship and competition. Skiers are encouraged to provide their own equipment (Classic and Skate skis, boots & poles). Equipment is available for first-year skiers to rent from the team.

MadNorSki Skier Development Model

Madnorski follows the US Ski and Snowboard Association Athlete Development Model to train our young athletes, with each stage providing progressively more opportunities for growth and development. These stages provide entry level opportunities for kids to experience the excitement of gliding and striding while playing and enjoying outdoor adventures in all seasons, and builds to the final stages of training, competing, and finally mentoring others. Madnorski seeks to offer engaging opportunities for athletes at every stage of their development.

5 Stages to a Better Sport Experience

Stage 1: Discover to Learn

Nordic Ski and Winter Fun Club, ages 5-6

Stage 2: Learn to Play

Trail Kids program, ages 7-9

Stage 3: Play to Train

Trail Kids program, ages 10-13 OR MadNorSki Juniors: Middle & High School Team,  Grades 5-12, ages 10-13

Stage 4: Train to Compete/Participate and Succeed

MadNorSki Juniors: Middle & High School Team,  Grades 5-12

Stage 5: Thrive and Mentor

Volunteer as a coach! ages 16 on up