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Madnorski Juniors and Trail Kids Summer of 2021

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Trail Kids Learn-to-Rollerski 

A progressive program for kids ages 9-11 who want to learn to rollerski. Weekly classes will focus on developing rollerski skills–balance, technique, safety, agility, and trail etiquette.  The program will use games and obstacle courses for a fun and engaging experience that can build confidence.  Participants should have experience classic skiing in the winter to enroll in this program.  

Spring & Summer Equipment:

Only light weight rollerskis will be used with our Trail Kid rollerskiers.  We recommend a “junior” rollerski.  All skiers must wear helmets. High visibility clothes, light-weight gloves (like bike gloves), elbow and knee pads are a good idea.  

Skate rollerskis may be rented from Madnorski. Please note on your registration that you would like to rent rollerskis. Skiers will need to pick up equipment on Monday evening, April 18 for the Spring session.  Details will be emailed to participants. If you have your own boots, the team rollerskis primarily use NNN bindings.  If you are considering buying junior rollerskis, please contact Enjoy Winter

Spring Rollerskiing

A 6-week progressive program in skate rollerskiing. Trail kids will use Junior-sized Rollerskis. 


Summer Rollerskiing

An 8-week progressive program in skate & classic rollerskiing. Trail kids will use Junior-sized Rollerskis. 

Winter Programs

The MadNorSki 2021 winter programs for our youngest skiers, Nordic Ski Club (ages 4-6) and Nordic Trail Kids (ages 7-11), are guided by CXC/USSA Certified Level 100 and Level 200 coaches with the assistance of volunteer instructors. The goal of the program is for kids to learn physical literacy on skis and fundamental ski skills. 

Each session will be around 1 hour long and include skill progression, games, and small pod group ski. Each session will have a different focus and will progress in basic skill development.

Nordic Ski and Winter Fun Club (ages 4-6)  

Madnorski is teaming up with the Madison Children’s Museum and CXC Skiing again this winter to provide outdoor family ski and winter fun opportunities for our communities’ youngest athletes, in addition to our regular Trail Kids opportunities for children 7 and over.

Children between the ages of 4-6, along with one adult caregiver, can sign up for the Nordic Ski and Winter Fun Club held in January and February which will include Nordic Rocks ski rental for kids and fun, engaging, on-snow parent-child instruction. Parents are encouraged to bring their own classic skis if they have them, and if not, they can rent a pair of Nordic rocks skis and poles for the 4 week session for $20 or $5 per day. Nordic Rocks skis fit over existing winter boots, so adults and children should just dress like they’re going out to play in the snow.

Because of COVID precautions and the possible lack of indoor shelters available, children will be REQUIRED to have an adult caregiver to help with getting skis on and off, to help with lost mittens, and to gauge when their child needs to go into the car to get warmed up. We will maintain small pods of athletes and parents, with a maximum of 7 athletes, 7 caregivers, and 1 instructor per group. Athletes and adults will be required to wear a mask, and to maintain social distance at all times.  Skis and poles will be cleaned before each lesson, and after each use.

Sessions will take place on Wednesday afternoons at Elver Park meeting behind the shelter. 

All adults who intend to ski are required to have a City of Madison Ski Pass for the season.

January Sessions:

When: 3:30-4:30pm
Where: Elver Park, Madison, WI
Season:  4 sessions in January  (Jan 5, 12, 19, 26)
Cost: $85.00.  SESSION FULL

February Sessions:

When: 3:30-4:30pm
Where: Elver Park, Madison, WI
Season:  4 sessions in February  (Feb 2, 9, 16, 23)
Cost: $85.00.    SESSION FULL


Nordic Trail Kids (ages 7-11)

Our Nordic Kids program will be offered on three different days of the week this year to keep groups small.  The times will be in the late afternoon – skiing when there is daylight!  Skiers will need to be ready to ski without using the shelter and will meet their pod behind the shelter.  For Trail Kids who want to ski more than one time a week, we also have an option for skiing two times a week!

When: Mondays 4-5pm (CLASSIC) 
Where: Elver Park, Madison, WI
Season: 8-week session Jan 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 14, 21
Cost: $160.00     SESSION FULL

When: Wednesdays 4-5pm (CLASSIC)
Where: Elver Park, Madison, WI
Season: 8-week session Jan 5, 12, 19, 26, Feb 2, 9, 16, 23
Cost: $160.00  SESSION FULL

When: Sundays 3:30-4:30pm (CLASSIC)
Where: Elver Park, Madison, WI
Season: 8-week session Jan 9, 16, 23, 30, Feb 6, 13, 20, 27
Cost: $160.00  SESSION FULL

When: Mondays 5:30-6:30pm AND Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm (CLASSIC & INTRO TO SKATE)
Where: Elver Park, Madison, WI
Season: 12-week session Nov 29-Mar 3 
Cost: $360.00    SESSION FULL


Madnorski will do everything possible to hold programs as planned, but some situations are out of our control like extreme cold weather, and a change of COVID-19 orders from the city or county. Should we need to cancel lessons, there will be NO REFUND of program fees. In the case there is no snow, we will do alternative winter activities like winter scavenger hunts in the woods, broom ball, and other winter games.

If the program you are interested in is full, please consider being adding your name to our waitlist HERE 



We take Covid very seriously. Some of things we are doing to mitigate risk:

  • All skiers and coaches are encouraged to get vaccinated & boosted to protect our community
  • Skiers and coaches are broken up into pods of about 10-15 skiers.
  • Skiers will use social distancing at all times including on trails. Distance is our best line of defense.
  • All skiers and coaches must wear a mask when gathered in a group – an n95 or kn94 mask is best or at minimum a 2 ply mask. (Buffs don’t count.) Masks may be lowered when skiing on the trails. 
  • Skiers and coaches must wear masks when carpooling.
  • Any skier or coach experiencing any unusual symptoms cannot attend practice.
  • Skier or coach who has tested positive for COVID cannot come to practice for 5 days after the positive test and then needs to wear a mask at practice for an additional 5 days and have no symptoms
  • Fully vaccinated skier or coach exposed to someone with COVID but was wearing a mask (like in a school setting) must mask at practice for 10 days after exposure and test after 5 days for COVID
  • Unvaccinated skier or coach exposed to someone with COVID (masked or unmasked) cannot attend practice for 5 days, needs to have a negative test on day 5, and then can attend practice wearing a mask for an additional 5 days.
  • Any skier or coach (vaccinated or not vaccinated) living with someone who has confirmed COVID cannot attend practice for 5 days, needs to have a negative test on day 5, and then can attend practice wearing a mask for an additional 5 days.
  • We will constantly evaluate our policies and will adjust as needed.

Exposure or close contact includes:

  • Living with or caring for a person with confirmed COVID-19, OR
  • Being within six feet of a person with confirmed COVID-19 for about 15 minutes (with or without a mask), OR
  • Someone with COVID-19 coughing on you, kissing you, sharing utensils with you or you had direct contact with their body secretions.


Skill Levels and Goals:

1 – First Steppers, learning to walk on skis, get up off the ground, turn on flats. No poles.
2 – Climbers, Learning to sidestep up gentle hills, glide downhill and pole.
3 – Gliders, Learning to kick and glide, herringbone, snowplow down steeper hills, turn on downhills, pole effectively.
4 – Striders, Learning to ski faster with control up and down steeper hills, double-pole kick and skate turn.
5 – Skaters, Learning to skate without poles. Progressing to V1 and V2-alternate (open field). Needs skating equipment. Not an entry level.
6 – Nordics, Learning V2 and faster skating. Needs skating equipment.

For more information, contact Tamara Bryant at


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