Up, Up and Away!

NOTICE: 11/14/2019  

The Races are Cancelled Due to Icy and Sandy Course.  

Madison Nordic Ski Club has announced the cancellation of the Up, Up & Away Roller Ski Race scheduled for this Saturday, November 16th in Blue Mounds, WI, due to southern Wisconsin’s early winter. Record cold temperatures and abundant snowfall have left the road with significant ice patches and extra sand, making conditions less than optimal to ensure a safe race.  The good news, is that there is early skiing in Madison, snowmaking efforts are well underway, and Madnorski will look to planning a summer roller ski race in the future.

6k and 10k Options
(finishing on the “other” mound this year)


Saturday, November 16th, 2019

Climb to the top of Brigham County Park, one of Southern Wisconsin’s highest points
Up, Up & Away is part of the CXC Rollerski Cup Series





Online Pre-Registration:

  • Opens Monday, October 14th and Closes at 6pm on Friday, November 15th
  • $15 student, $30 adult (pre-registration) Additional $5 for CXC Cup Participation
  • High School and College Team Discounts (5 or more skiers/runners: $12 each) 

Race-Day Registration:

  • In-person at Brigham County Park Shelter 8:30 am – 9:30 am
  • Checks/Cash only, $25 student, $40 adult +$5 for CXC Cup Participation
  • Checks Payable to: “Madison Nordic Ski Club”

Registration and transaction fees are nonrefundable, including in the event of cancellation. In the event of unfavorable rollerskiing conditions (ice, snow), a non-timed group 10 k pole/trail run will take place at 10:30 at Blue Mounds State Park, followed by a chili feed and raffle. Registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury.  Competing under another person’s name will result in disqualification.


8:30 am – 9:30 am – In-person registration at Brigham County Park Shelter
9:25 am, 9:55 am, 10:25am – Shuttles to start (we recommend you warm up at the start with tennis shoes, we will transport them to finish)
10:00am Start of Skate Roller Ski Race (10k) at 30 second intervals (Wave 1, 18+ scored and non scored)
10:10am Start of Classic Roller Ski Race (10k) at 30 second intervals 
10:20am Start of Skate Roller Ski Race (6k) at 30 second intervals
10:30am Start of Classic Roller Ski Race (6k) at 30 second intervals
10:40am Start 10k and 6k Run
11:00am Start of Skate Roller Ski Race (10k) at 30 second intervals (Wave 2, high school scored and non scored)

SKI and RUN start times are approximations and we will send you an update as the race date nears.


10km Rollerski Skate (with CXC Cup Option, limited entries)
10km Rollerski Classic
6km Rollerski Skate
6km Rollerski Classic
10km Run
6km Run

Note: Middle school athletes may only compete in the 6k races.

CXC Rollerski Cup

Competitors have the option to compete in the 10k Rollerski Skate as part of CXC Rollerski Cup.  This is a scored race and racers will be required to race on roller skies from the the calibrated pool of Swenor Race Skis.  Scores will be applied to the CXC Roller Ski Cup. Racers must be active members of CXC and can check their membership status or apply for membership by following this link (USSA membership includes CXC membership).  An additional $5 surcharge is required to cover cost of pool ski use.

CXC Rollerski Cup (10k only) will be run in 2 different waves to allow for use of our calibrated rollerski fleet with a cap of 40 skiers.  We will make our best effort to match our bindings with your boots.

  • Wave 1 (18+ scored): 0/40 spaces taken
  • Wave 2 (High school scored): 0/40 spaces taken

The CXC Rollerski Cup Series consists of three races (race scoring here):

Middle school athletes may only compete in the 6k races.


All roller skis must be inspected by competitor and be in proper working order. Helmets are required for roller skiing as well as for all warm up and cool downs on or near course.

Racers in the scored race who would like their race to be counted in the CXC Roller Ski Cup will be racing on a pooled fleet of Swenor skis but will still need to provide their own poles, boots, and helmet. If racers are competing in the non-scored race, they will use their own roller skis. Racers must bring their own poles.  These are NOT provided.


The shuttle will start loading passengers at 9:20 for a 9:25 departure down the hill.  Shuttle will make 3 trips down and uphill, starting from the top at approximately 9:25, 9:55 and 10:25. Shuttle will pick up 5 k participants at 10:40 and 11:05/11:10 for last drive uphill.  Spectators are welcome to take the shuttle, but drop-offs will only be at 6k and 10 k finish, to keep the bus on time.


Parking area is at the shelter at the top of Brigham County Park.

Please take shuttle to the race start. The roads will be open to the public during the race course. Coaches and spectators who will be watching the race will be able to drive up and park off the road before the 10 AM start. Please avoid moving traffic during the race by parking at the Blue Mounds shelter by 9:15am. All competitors will be shuttled back to the race start. No athletes will be allowed to ski back down after the race. Competitors may place a bag in the Madnorski shuttle van with post-race clothing that will be driven to the finish line.

All athletes will be shuttled to the race start by bus, which will meet in the small lot behind the registration. There will be a sign at the shuttle location, with approximate times posted. 

Spectators can also take the shuttle up and down the hill, starting at 9:25, 9:55 and 10:25 from the top and approximately 9:40, 10:10 and 10:40 back up the hill.

The bus will only stop at the 6k and 10 finish areas if you want to get out and spectate. 

We recommend that athletes plan their time wisely, and be at the start no later than 15 minutes before your start.


Awards will be presented to the top two finishers in each division after each race once results have been posted. 

Divisions for awards:
Seniors: ages 20-29 
Masters: ages 30 on up 

There are over $2,000 in awards from Swenor, Bliz, Start, Anti-Freeze, and Trek.


Immediately following the race, athletes are invited to enjoy veggie and meat chili and bread and other treats.  Water and bananas will be available at the 6K finish and halfway point, as well as the finish line.  Athletes must bring their own water to the start line.


Volunteers should report to the registration table to get their assignment.


Please note that the race is on different roads from last year, and ends at a different park. The 10k race will be either skate, classic, or run determined by your registration form. The course will be a 10k climb to the top of Brigham County Park.  The Course starts at the bottom of County Road F past Ryan Road and finishes at the top of Brigham County Park. (elevation ~900 ft. for 10k race)

6k race will be either skate, classic, or run, determined by your registration form. It will be a 5 k climb from the bottom of County Road F past Ryan Road to the middle of County Road F, past Moyer Road

THERE WILL BE NO RESTROOM AT THE START LINE. Racers should use the restroom at the top of the hill before they are shuttled to the race start. 

The running race will follow the same course as the ski races.

Disclaimer: Inclement weather may limit the race distance. Course is closed to roller skiing before the start. Pre-race warm-up on roller skis can only occur in a designated area. All post-race cooling down must be done at the top of the park, not downhill, or on foot.

Preliminary Course Map:



Camping is available at Blue Mound State Park. Contact Blue Mound State Park for more information. **They are not taking reservations after 10/31 but camping is still available on a first come first serve basis.


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