Up, Up and Away!

5k and 10k Classic Rollerski & Running Race

Saturday August 14, 2021

Climb to the top of Blue Mound State Park, Southern Wisconsin’s highest point!

Up, Up & Away is part of the Swenor CXC Rollerski Cup Series



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Online Pre-Registration:

  • Opens Saturday, July 24th and Closes at NOON on Thursday, August 12th
  • $15 student, $30 adult (pre-registration) Additional $5 for CXC Cup Participation
  • High School and College Team Discounts (5 or more skiers/runners: $12 each) 
  • All skiers need to bring their own rollerskis, poles, boots, helmet. (No urethane wheels please)

Race-Day Registration:

  • In-person at Blue Mounds State Park–top of the Mound at the East Tower 7:30 am – 8:15 am
  • Checks/Cash only, $25 student, $40 adult +$5 for CXC Cup Participation (no team discounts)
  • Checks Payable to: “Madison Nordic Ski Club”
  • All skiers need to bring their own rollerskis, poles, boots, helmet.
  • All day-of-registrants will start in last heat. 

Registration and transaction fees are nonrefundable, including in the event of cancellation. Registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury.  Competing under another person’s name will result in disqualification.


Thursday, August 12

7:30-8:00 pm – Pre-race Meeting (virtual) for all participants, coaches, and volunteers.  We will go over parking, getting to the start, traffic flow for athlete drop off at the start, COVID precautions, and other important information.  All information covered is on this race page, but this is a good chance to ask questions!

Saturday, August 14

7:30 am – 8:15 am – In-person registration at top of mound near East Tower
7:45 am – 8:45 am – Athletes get to the start (12 minute car ride). Due to the unavailability of buses & vans in Dane County, we ask competitors to carpool to the start line at the bottom of Ryan Road or have a crew person transport them to the start. Madnorski volunteers will also give rides to the start meeting at the top of the mound near registration.  Please offer rides to other athletes if you have room in your car. Thank you!   Driving loop to drop off racers
9:00 am Start of Classic Roller Ski Race (10k) at 15 second intervals (includes CXC Cup Option)
9:15 am Start of Classic Roller Ski Race (5k) at 15 second intervals
9:25 am Start of 5k and 10k skate race
9:30 am Start of 5k and 10k running race

Start times are approximations and we will send you an update as the race date nears.  Awards will be at the top of the mound at 10:30 am.


10k Rollerski Classic (with CXC Cup Option, limited entries)
5k   Rollerski Classic
5k & 10k Skate
5k & 10k Run

Note: Middle school athletes may only compete in the 5k races.

Swenor CXC Rollerski Cup

Competitors have the option to compete in the 10k Rollerski Classic as part of Swenor CXC Rollerski Cup.  This is a scored race and racers will be required to race on rollerskis from the calibrated pool of race skis (mostly NNN bindings).  Scores will be applied to the Swenor CXC Roller Ski Cup. Racers must be active members of CXC and can check their membership status or apply for membership by following this link (USSA membership includes CXC membership).  An additional $5 surcharge is required to cover cost of pool ski use.

There will be a cap of 15 to 20 skiers using the matched race skis and those skiers must be pre-registered and in the top bracket of participants based on NRL points.

The CXC Rollerski Cup Series consists of the following races (race scoring here):


Helmets are required for roller skiing as well as for all warm up and cool downs on or near course. All skiers must provide their own roller skis which must be inspected by competitor and be in proper working order. 


Parking area is at the top of Blue Mounds State Park. The roads will be open to the public during the race. 

Competitors need to carpool to get to the start and may park off the road or get a ride from a Madnorski volunteer driver. Coaches assisting athletes will be able to drive up and park off the road before the 9 am start. Please avoid moving traffic during the race starting at 9 am.  No athletes will be allowed to ski back down after the race. 

Athletes will find the Madnorski volunteer drivers near the registration tent. Volunteer drivers will also bring 5K finishers to the top of the mound after their race. 

We recommend that athletes plan their time wisely, and be at the start no later than 15 minutes before your start.

Please bring mask to wear in personal cars. 


Awards will be presented to the top two finishers in each division after each race once results have been posted. 

Classic Rollerski Race Divisions for awards:
Junior (U14/U16/U18)*
Senior (23-29)
Master (30+)
Senior Citizens (40+) 

A separate OPEN category will be scored for Skaters, of all age groups, for both the 5K and 10K skate.

A separate OPEN category will be scored for all runners, of all age groups, for both the 5K and 10K run.

Awards from Swenor, Bliz, Start, and Anti-Freeze!  

*U14/U16 skiers and runners can only race in 5K event.


Immediately following the race, athletes are invited to enjoy a post-race sub sandwich! Water and bananas will be available at the 5K finish (halfway point), as well as at the finish line.  Athletes must bring their own water to the start line.


We would love your help!  Please contact Tamara Bryant.  On the day of the race, volunteers should report to the registration table to get their assignment.


 The course will be a 10k climb to the top of Blue Mounds State Park.  The Course starts at the bottom of Ryan Road. (total elevation climb~900 ft. for 10k race)

The 5 k course will climb from the bottom of Ryan Road to just past Moyer Road.

THERE WILL BE NO RESTROOM AT THE START LINE. Racers should use the restroom at the State Park before they are shuttled to the race start. 

The running race will follow the same course as the ski races.

Caution on Downhill
On the 10K course near the end, there is a downhill that has a hard right turn at the bottom that enters the State Park. We recommend that you assess this downhill before the race. If you feel uncomfortable with this downhill and right turn, we recommend that you take your skis off at the top of the hill and jog down on the side of the road with skis in hand and then put your skis back on at the bottom to continue the last uphill portion of the race. For skiers skiing down the hill, we advise you to control your speed and take the turn a bit wide.  Please be careful of traffic coming into the park. We will have volunteers there to assist in directing traffic for racers coming through.
Warm Up and Bag Drop
Pre-race warm-up can be done by running near the start on Ryan Road. Bags with your gear dropped at the start will be transported back to the finish. (Bags will be available at Registration)

Disclaimer: Inclement weather may limit the race distance. Course is closed to roller skiing before the start. Pre-race warm-up can be done by running near the start on Ryan Road.  

Preliminary Course Map:

Elevation profile:


Camping is available at Blue Mound State Park. Contact Blue Mound State Park  or Brigham County Park for more information.


Special thanks to our sponsors:

Cress Spring Bakery– Cress Spring Bakery creates whole grain, wood fired, naturally leavened, brick-oven baked breads and pastries using organic and locally sourced ingredients.  Go to www.facebook.com/cressspringbakery/

Blue Mounds Citgo & Grocery–Conveniently located near Blue Mounds State Park and a great place to get an ice cream cone!