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Near Madison

Blue Mound SP (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 21 2021 Excellent Classic Blue Mound SP Staff
  All trails groomed and tracked on Thursday, Jan. 21st. Trails are in very good condition, but downhills have minor rutting. Skate skiing is allowed in the campground and picnic area only. ~Enjoy!
January 21 2021 Excellent Skate and Classic DarylH
  Great to hear! Thanks. See you soon!
January 21 2021 Excellent Skate and Classic Blue Mound Staff
  Ski trails are being groomed today and are in very good condition.
January 20 2021 Excellent Classic Gail VH
  The new snow had freshened things up to make for about perfect conditions. Good coverage everywhere and good control.
January 20 2021 Good Classic DarylH
  Not re-groomed, but a couple inches of new snow refreshed it. Good coverage, moderate speed on downhills with good control,
January 19 2021 Poor Classic Scott E
  While there were no bare spots on the red trail, it was extremely icy. It hadn't been groomed since the MLK day crowds, but I'm not sure it would have helped, and might have just made things worse. We really need some new snow!
January 19 2021 Fair Skate Timmy G
  No Grooming in camp ground as of the morning. And last grooming did not seem to include the connecting hill to the top loop. Few places in the park for a skate skier, so that connecting trail and the top loop is super nice to have.

Cherokee Marsh (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 20 2021 Fair Classic JanA
  An inch of fluff on a mostly icy crust, no set tracks. Nice to have fresh snow and sunshine, critter tracks. South Unit, Wheeler and School Rd.

Elver Park (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 21 2021 Good Classic Jeff S.
  Rating applies to machined-snow loop only, overall. About half the 1.5K loop retains open, firm, deep and sharp track. The other half is filled 50% to 90% with the wind-blown snow affecting the rest of the west trail. Other skiers reported the East Trails have wet patches with a mix of open and drifted-in track.
January 20 2021 Fair Classic Craig F
  Skied from about 3-4:30. As you might expect, the high winds obliterated the tracks in open areas like around the baseball field. You can still ski that area if you're okay with long stretches of ice-like surface with intermittent piles of soft drifted snow. In the woods, the debris (most leaves) is starting to build. I could glide over it with my skin skis but I think waxed skis would have clogged up for a frustrating experience. In the woods, the tracks are not filled with snow but they are quite wavey and ill-formed in many spots. With a proper grooming, I think conditions will be good-to-excellent. I found the best tracks to be up the long hill on the west side. The downhill that follows is very controllable.
January 20 2021 Excellent Skate Dan D
  skied east side at 6am as the east trail was being freshly groomed-although fresh groom trail was excellent, conditions were very slow due to fresh 1" snow and 6F temp. should be a bit faster later today with sun out and temps rising. note watch out for the weird guy in a mask smoking cigarettes
January 19 2021 Excellent Skate and Classic Richard Steinle
  Every things groomed, go enjoy

Kegonsa SP (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 21 2021 Good Classic Steven Wendorff
  Skied all trails in the morning and despite the area not having a lot of snow in the past week, the base and tracks have held up. I was surprised. If we get more snow in the coming days as predicted, the trails will be excellent.
January 20 2021 Good Skate and Classic Rosie
  Snow was a bit icy, but trails were freshly groomed today (there were few other tracks on the skate deck before I got there in the afternoon), though there was one set of fresh footprints in some parts of the skate lane. I mostly skated, but classic tracks on most trails looked good, albeit shallow. I classic skied the White Oak Trail and it was in fine shape, but watch out for brush alongside you and low-hanging branches. On the plus side, the skate deck is now wider through the woods than it was a couple of weeks ago when the classic tracks were set near the middle of the trail.

Lodi Golf Course (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 20 2021 Good Skate and Classic Tim D
  skate deck was just groomed Classic tracks looked old but good

McCarthy Park (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 29 2021 Good Skate and Classic Paul R
  Groomed all ski trials, snowshoe trails and sledding hill packed in with the fresh snow we received. Winds started up shortly after the snow stopped and started drifting. Expect good conditions with full snow coverage on all trails, many classic tracks will be blown shut and there will be some drifting. We will leave the trails as is until the winds die down. Expect fresh grooming this Friday. On a side note there will be a Youth Ski Race at McCarthy Park Saturday Morning, the trails will be open but expect the parking to be full and heavy use of the trails with kids out racing.
January 21 2021 Fair Classic Denny
  Wind blown in spots, nice tracks as well. Had a nice chat with the head groomer who was out walking around with a shovel filling in bare spots. Wind was howling late afternoon, interesting conditions.
January 21 2021 Fair Skate Chris Pappathopoulos
  There will be a junior team race at McCarthy this Saturday morning. Please consider skiing at another time if possible. We are going to wait until the wind dies down to groom. The fear is the base could be blown off the trails before it sets up if we groom to soon. We'd rather deal with the hard base for another day then have to deal with no snow.
January 21 2021 Good Skate Brett Neylan
  Lots of drifting snow, but he skate deck is excellent. It was warming up as I was there (11AM), but the groomers have done an excellent job with the base and it was holding strong.
January 19 2021 Good Skate and Classic Paul R
  1/19 on last post

Odana Golf Course (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 21 2021 Fair Classic Brian Parks
  Snow is in good shape. Tracks are not. Snow blown and skier washed out in most places. Red extra hard wax (30-36) worked fine. But it is still warming up as I type at 11 and they are starting to glaze in spots. Some debris, but not a huge issue. Probably too warm to groom right now without damaging the trail. I’m guessing they’ll groom tonight or tomorrow morning after it cools down below freezing. Wind is also picking up. Skate deck looked great and fast.
January 19 2021 Excellent Skate G.Rae
  Late morning still offered fresh corduroy for a heavenly skate made silky-soft for perfect glide with a dusting of light snow. Plenty of trail width for safe and congenial passing. Grooming couldn't be better!
January 19 2021 Excellent Classic Brian Parks
  Tracks are very good to excellent. A tad glazed. A bit of blue klister on top of your hard wax will help you on the small uphills and kicks on the flats. Fresh tracks for the most part on the golf course. Old but good tracks on the soccer fields. Connector is the “worst” part. But even it is not bad. Go enjoy!
January 19 2021 Good Skate Amy Schultz
  trails were packed and a bit icy at 7:30, but groomer was out and by 9 the trails had fresh corduroy and excellent coverage! It is just that one low spot under the trees just past the trailhead that still has some dirt showing. Otherwise it is great there!

University Ridge Golf Course (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 21 2021 Good Skate Mark Plane
  Rated good rather than Excellent only because of blown snow on trails. The grooming at the Ridge continues to be excellent. They are grooming daily and and keep getting better at it. Full coverage solid skate lane slowing with sun and 38 degrees as we skied. Some spots with blown snow, but never deeper drifts. The tracks were filled with blown snow, so slow, but will add to the base. Also of note, the direction of the trails changed/has been reversed and they flow even better now. The classic only trails looked very nice, double tracked for side by side skiing.
January 20 2021 Excellent Skate and Classic University Ridge Staff
  Expect perfect conditions after last night's snow. All trails received a once over this morning!
January 19 2021 Excellent Classic University Ridge Staff
  Classic tracks were reset on the combo trail (Zimmer).
January 19 2021 Excellent Skate and Classic University Ridge Staff
  All skate trails were groomed this morning.

Yahara Golf Course (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 20 2021 Good Classic Sironi David
  Beautiful snow, blowing snow filled the track 75% of the trail, but still a great ski. Skate deck looked great with blowing snow as well. Groomed this morning.

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