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Near Madison

BlackHawk Ski Area (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 25 2023 Excellent Skate M. Young
Excellent conditions again this morning. No classic track today, but smooth wide skate lane w/o icy or sugary areas. Thin layer of new falling snow made going slow. Thanks again groomers.
January 24 2023 Excellent Skate M. Young
Excellent grooming this morning on the snowmaking loop. No icy spots or sugary spots and smooth (no bumps/ruts). A-skis for sure. Classic tracks set at 9:30 am and looked good. 1.5K loop today. Connector to CXC groomed w/ snowmobile-tidd tech, but very thin-rock skis only. Thank you, groomers-best conditions, so far this season.
January 23 2023 Excellent Skate Paul E.
I was there around 9am after the corduroy firmed up. Great conditions on the loop and the uphills. No classic tracks set.
January 22 2023 Excellent Skate PH
The half inch or so of powder on top of a well groomed, but hard, base made for excellent skating. Not much for tracks.
January 20 2023 Fair Skate M. Young
Poor grooming today-not tilled after re-freezing leaving the snowmaking loop icy and rutted for at least 2/3 of the loop. Classic tracks appeared like slotted concrete. For the most expensive season pass/membership in WI (with the least amount of trail), it should be so much better. Good solid base-hopefully better grooming this weekend. Only options are here and CXC in the area.
January 19 2023 Fair Skate M. Young
Good coverage on the snowmaking loop and groomed today. Incredibly soft, sticky and slow thanks to 96+ hours of above freezing temperatures. Warm temps today have already ruined the 2 inches of new snow from last night. More refrozen/regranulated snow once the temps drop tonight.

Blue Mound SP (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 26 2023 Excellent Classic Gail
Not groomed but nicely skier tracked. Plenty of snow, no leaves, twigs, rocks. The park is beautiful in its winter glory.
January 25 2023 Fair Classic Austin R
Skied the Red loop at about 5pm with lots of fresh snow at the time. It was not groomed but you can tell there is an icy base underneath it all. It was slow going but finished well. There was only two challenging spots on the climb back up the hill after the campsites. I'm really hoping we have enough fresh stuff to finally get it properly groomed! P.S. The skating loop was not groomed at all.
January 24 2023 Fair Classic Austin R
Skied Pleasant Valley - it had plenty of snow coverage with only two areas where there was ice, which was easily avoided. One of those areas was on the initial downhill part so go cautiously on that. It wasn't groomed but there were LOTS of foot steps from people walking the trail so it was compacted. Even with those imperfections it was still a safe and enjoyable ski. No rock-skis required.

CXC Trails (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 26 2023 Good Skate and Classic Yuriy
GSNOWMAKING LOOP: groomed for skating with new classic tracks with PistenBully. Excellent conditions for skating and classic. NATURAL SNOW TRAILS: groomed for skating. Too soft to set a classic track today. Good conditions but soft.
January 25 2023 Fair Classic JBB
Very few skiers out. Grooming limited to man-made loop. Snow coverage surprisingly good on golf course. Citizen track helpful on about 50% of trails. Without groomed paths, and due to sparse trail markers and flat light, path was difficult to follow on Round-a-lot, especially on south side and around club house. Hoping for grooming tonight and good conditions tomorrow. Yuriy -A suggestion: Would helps to have signage by the entry path giving trail directions. The man-made loops are very confusing!
January 22 2023 Excellent Skate Elizabeth
I don't know how long it will last, but skating here this morning was awesome. I spent most of my time on the golf course area. Thank you groomers!!!
January 22 2023 Good Skate and Classic Yuriy
GROOMING REPORT - JAN 22, 7:30am SNOWMAKING LOOP: new snow groomed for skating with new classic tracks with pull-behind groomer. Excellent conditions for skating and fair for classic. NATURAL SNOW TRAILS: groomer is on the trail right now packing new snow. Fair conditions. Use rock skis.
January 21 2023 Excellent Skate and Classic Yuriy
GROOMING REPORT - JAN 21, 7am SNOWMAKING LOOP: Groomed for skating and classic with the PistenBully. Excellent conditions. NATURAL SNOW TRAILS: Some trails on the perimeter of the golf course were groomed yesterday for skating with the pull-behind groomer. Fair conditions. Use rock skis. Note: we are running classic and skate lessons today for a novice and beginner level skiers from 9:00am to 10:30am and from 1pm to 2:30pm.
January 18 2023 Good Skate Dan D
Yuri did a grate job of grooming -was pleasantly surprised -overall good conditions and freshly groomed for skate on the small man made loop. Solid base with soft 1"surface of lose snow.- were a few tracks set as well. Hopefully we get the big snow forecast for tonight -with that, even better conditions should result.

Door Creek Park (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 26 2023 Good Classic Michael King
Partially groomed. No tracks set.
January 26 2023 Good Classic Kristin
Not groomed yet (as of 10:30am) but the fresh snow was glorious. Decent tracks laid by earlier skiers.

Elver Park (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 26 2023 Good Skate and Classic Brian T
Groomed this morning, thanks for your patience. West and east trails were groomed for skate and tracks were set for classic on the west side. There is great coverage on the skate deck, but bring you B or Rock skis for classic as the tracks are very thin with a few bare spots.
January 25 2023 Good Skate MS
The fluffy new snow (1/2 inch-1"?) made for some nice skating (without grooming) on the East trails around 11 today. Was getting warmer and a bit sticky after noon,
January 25 2023 Good Skate Dan D
Skied both east and west sides this am-with 1/2" of new snow and more falling-provided total cover and little debris or ice. Looked like it hadn't been groomed for quite some time. A fresh grooming of all the trails would bring them back to excellent.!
January 23 2023 Fair Classic Brian Parks
Actually, fair to good considering the amount of snow and no formal grooming. Skied the ball fields and West side. Did not ski the East given past report. Citizen tracks are good where available, which means about 50% of the areas I skied. Deck is good for skating, but soft given lack of grooming. Getting well skied in helps there. Coverage is actually quite good considering thinness. Very little to no leaf litter. Given cold weather and possible upcoming dustings, if the area then gets groomed, we should be in decent shape for a spell. Snow dance people!!
January 22 2023 Fair Skate and Classic Douglas Ansel
Inch of powder over a crusty base made for surprisingly good skiing. West side is fair/good, east is fair (pines are super thin and icy, predictably). Decent looking citizen tracks for classic on most of the system.
January 20 2023 No Go Skate and Classic Dick Steinle
Not enough snow fell to do any grooming, the city has it listed as open but not groomed, it would not be skiable. Very icy!!!

Kegonsa SP (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 26 2023 Fair Skate and Classic LKSP Staff
Trails were rolled/packed. Thin snow coverage in open areas. No depth to set track.

Odana Golf Course (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 26 2023 Good Skate and Classic Raji
10am: Skate was freshly groomed and looked great. No Classic tracks - snow was too soft. (Skate = Excellent, Classic = Fair) I still skied classic and had a great time. Gorgeous.
January 23 2023 Fair Skate Garrett K.
For 2 days in a row now, surprisingly good skate conditions considering that the city has yet to groom since the recent 2" and 1" and 1". There were quite a few cars in the lot, skiers on the course, and even citizen groomed classic tracks along with the skate path. The city knew how good it was out here so they even stationed a ranger at the entrance to check for permits! They mean serious business so I expect some crispy fresh corduroy incoming.
January 20 2023 Fair Skate Tony H.
Fair-ways are pretty darned good. Not groomed, but lotsa fun since it froze up. Can scoot all over just like on spring crust. Always careful to avoid the greens.

University Ridge Golf Course (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 26 2023 Fair Skate and Classic University Ridge
Groomer was out this morning and has indicated conditions are soft. He will be rolling the Zimmer Trails and Arthur's Alley (connector down to Zimmer) and then grooming for Skate skiing. We will be open at 1pm today for skate skiing only on Arthur's Alley/Zimmer trails. Please check in prior to heading out. Hopefully, we get more snow this weekend to open classical trails!!
January 23 2023 No Go Skate and Classic University Ridge Staff
We gave it a try yesterday but there's just not enough snow to make it work. We are staying closed until we get better conditions. Sorry.

East of Madison

Lapham Peak - Delafield (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 24 2023 Good Skate and Classic Jeff S.
1.6 K loop with some gradual climbing has 1" - 3" of sugary snow. CL tracks are glazed but most CL skiers still getting good grip with a dusting of new snow. Lots of happy skiers there, but not so many as to feel crowded.
January 15 2023 Good Classic Justin V
Pretty good human made snow loops, considering there’s so little snow in southern WI and it was 40 F all afternoon.
January 14 2023 Excellent Skate and Classic Dale Fanney
Skied the Lapham Loppet today classical. Tracks were good and skating was excellent. I read a report from yesterday that said it was extremely poor on 1/13, but in fact is was very good in the afternoon.
January 13 2023 Poor Skate M. Young
Extremely poor. Entire snowmaking loop a complete ice rink. Groomed last night (probably at 33-35F) and froze completely solid by this morning. Not safe or fun-bailed after one miserable lap. Wasted almost 3 hours with driving time from Madison. Do not waste your time.

Just North of Madison

Iola Winter Sports Park (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 22 2023 Excellent Skate M. Young
IWSC was excellent today. Real snow and excellently groomed. A few thin areas under tree cover and a few sections with debris. A-skis are fine. ~ 2:15 drive from Madison. Definitely worth the time.
January 13 2023 Fair Skate Amy S
Some debris on spots but for very small sections or easy to avoid. But pretty icy. Groomer was out and putting in some grooves which really helped. But downhill with curves and steep uphills were rough.

Mirror Lake SP - Baraboo (Back to Top)

Date Condition Style By
January 21 2023 Fair Skate Dan D
Trails were freshly groomed. solid base with very thin groomed top. Skied turtleville ferndell hastings pioneer ishnala conditions varied between excellent to poor great cover to ice to bare to tree limbs under the groomed trail. still beats the alternative definitely rock skies. Too thin for tracks.

Other Locations

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Date Condition Style By
January 26 2023 Good Classic Roger A Goppelt
Skied Maple Bluff Golf Course. Tracked with light snow cover. Great gliding today. Citizen made classical tracks with a few grassy spots. Skate deck was soft but still provided good gliding. They also.allow free ranging dogs to ski with you. Good for about an hour.
January 22 2023 Good Skate David P.
Skate skied today and Friday night on Lake Mendota crust. Slower today with fresh snow but it’s good. Roughly an area on the east and north sides of the lake, a few hundred meters out from the Edgewater towards Maple Bluff, edging towards the Governor’s Mansion. Then out past the Locks and back along Tenney a bit out into the Lake. Me and two red foxes and a bunch of ice fishers.
January 13 2023 Excellent Classic Pete Anderson
Ullr Trail, Pence, WI: Wow, just wow. We hit peak Ullr. Firm, deep tracks, with an inch of new snow on top, which was a good thing on the old-school, single-track downhills. It skied really well. There are a few pokey things coming up here and there, but generally conditions couldn't have been better on this beautiful trail. This is a really remote trail, so either bring a friend or the appropriate survival gear, because not a lot of people come this way, and if you break a ski/leg, you're on your own. But Ullr is a true gem.

Other Sources: has complete and up-to-date collection of trails for a wider region. We recommend reviewing their website – in particular the South West WI map and South East WI map.  Close to home, check-out the City of Madison Cross Country Ski page.  Check grooming status and buy your annual pass online (for Elver and Odana).