Snowmaking Updates

Thanks to the support of volunteers and donors, MadNorSki began making snow at Elver Park in the winter of 2016-2017. While our snowmaking and grooming plans look a little different for the winter of 2021-2022 we still need your help! Consider donating towards the Trailblazer Stewardship program when you sign up for or renew your MadNorSki membership for this season, or make a separate donation to the club. 


Update on Elver Park trails

Through the generosity of CXC, Madnorski members and the City of Madison Parks Department, we have been making snow at Elver Park since 2016-2017. Unfortunately, with the current inventory of equipment, we can no longer make an impactful snowmaking loop without seriously endangering the safety of our volunteer crew. After productive discussions with the City, we will have to raise significant funds to make and maintain a 1-2 kilometer loop at this location. Please see our announcement to read all of the information about our continued efforts towards snowmaking and grooming for the greater Madison area. 


A new xc skiing center in Middleton

With the recent snow some skiers have been disappointed to see the gates to the Pleasant View Golf Course closed for the winter. Be assured, the golf course is open for skiing and is being groomed regularly. At the City of Middleton’s request, Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) has taken over the grooming and access to ski trails at the golf course. Read more about this exciting change here. Visit the CXC website to purchase trail passes and see the the full CXC Outdoor Recreation Center plan.

Interested in Snowmaking or Grooming?

Contact the MadNorSki Trails Chair at or Yuri at or for more information on how to become a volunteer.