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The MadNorSki Trail Kids winter program, Nordic Kids, is for kids ages 5-11 and is guided by CXC/USSA Certified Level 100 and Level 200 coaches with the assistance of volunteer instructors. The goal of the program is for kids to learn physical literacy on skis and fundamental ski skills. Equipment rentals may be available–tbd.

Each session will be around 1 hour long and include skill progression, games, and small pod group ski. Each session will have a different focus and will progress in basic skill development.

Ages: 5-11 years old
When: Wednesday Nights 5:30 – 6:30pm
Where: Elver Park, Madison, WI
Season: TBD (10 sessions, No practice Dec 20 – Jan 3)
Cost: $160.00

Skill Levels and Goals:

1 – First Steppers, learning to walk on skis, get up off the ground, turn on flats. No poles.
2 – Climbers, Learning to sidestep up gentle hills, glide downhill and pole.
3 – Gliders, Learning to kick and glide, herringbone, snowplow down steeper hills, turn on downhills, pole effectively.
4 – Striders, Learning to ski faster with control up and down steeper hills, double-pole kick and skate turn.
5 – Skaters, Learning to skate without poles. Progressing to V1 and V2-alternate (open field). Needs skating equipment. Not an entry level.
6 – Nordics, Learning V2 and faster skating. Needs skating equipment.



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