A hearty THANK YOU to our coaches & volunteers!

Whether working with our Winter Fun Club, Trail Kids, MadNorSki juniors, or adult lessons – our volunteer coaches have made it all possible. This year saw the highest enrollment in our cross country skiing programming with over 150 participants  in youth programs alone! Our volunteer coaching teams create a fun learning environment where kids can be empowered to be joyful and confident winter enthusiasts! 

For adults in our club and community, Madnorski club members offered free adult skate and classic lessons for more than 120 adult skiers this season.  We also had our second year of the mentorship program where new skiers were linked up with club members for support and instruction. 

To everyone who has given their time and efforts towards growing our nordic community this year – we thank you! 

Winter Fun Club (4-6 year olds) Coaches
Brenda Baker
Cheryl DeWelt (Madison Children’s Museum)
Kia Karlen (Madison Children’s Museum)
Trail Kids (7-11 year olds) Coaches
Bill Coady
Ellie Collins (Junior Skier)
Heather Curnutt
Jake Eaton
Dave Garfoot
Steve Gaffield
Bernadette Gillick
Jeanne Grist
Sarah Herrick
Jonny Hunter
Jim Kreft
Mike Nell
Sylvie Panofsky (Junior Skier)
Maggie Steingraber-Pharr
Christy Sheppleman
Cindy Spetz
Bill Shockley
Nick Wilkes
Brock Woods
Junior (Ages 10-18) Coaches
Brenda Baker
Tamara Bryant
John Curtin
Pam Felt
Nicole Fischer (Co-Head Coach)
Jacob Huseby (Co-Head Coach)
Jim Kyle
Matt Locher
Juan Losada
Dirk Mason
Katherine Paulick
Bill Rattunde
Blake Rohrer
Vito Stonys
Jake Vander Zanden


Adult Lesson Volunteer Instructors

Pat Scheckel
Anna Meyer
Jed Downs
Mike Collins
Elisabeth Condon
Bill Coady
Sam Hartke
Liese Pfeifer
Kristin Cooper (Lessons Chair)


Thank you for sharing the love of skiing!