Madnorski Volunteer Coaching

Coaching young people can be a rewarding and meaningful experience!

August 2021 Level 100 training.

Madnorski volunteer coaches are the heart of our youth and adult programs, and our club aims to help coaches develop to their full potential through mentorship within the club,  US Ski and Snowboard online training, and Central Cross Country Skiing coaching instruction. All Madnorski youth program coaches are members of US Ski and Snowboard and receive Safesport Training. Newer coaches typically work along side more experienced coaches. Coaches work in a collaborative and supportive environment creating a “coaching team” where coaches can develop through a process of goal setting, teaching, evaluation, and reflection and most importantly–keeping the needs of the athlete as the primary focus. 

Each year Madnorski offers coaches additional training opportunities through US Ski and Snowboard covering topic such as basic coaching fundamentals, cross country ski equipment, training, technique, and competition.  We invite club members to consider joining our team of coaches.  If you would like to learn more, please contact Tamara Bryant.