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Welcome to the New Website

Some of you may have noticed a slightly different look to the Madnorski website. There are two major changes: (1) we have transitioned the website to a local web hosting company and (2) we have moved the content from a mostly custom database-driven design into WordPress. We changed hosting companies primarily because the previous hosting… Read More

Return of the Rock Skis

I don’t know how it happened, one day they were just there.  Upstairs, where my good skis go, the rack held a beat up old pair of Blizzards.  The Impostors were bold, as if I wouldn’t notice the cheap auto bindings, let alone the psychedelic rainbow sherbet colored p-tex bases that could only be possible… Read More

President’s Letter – January 2012

The lack of winter has put the damper on many a Mad NorSki’s plans.  After three great early snowfall seasons, this year’s beginning has a caravan of  MadNorSkis travelling north to find snow.  Even Ironwood Michigan has had lower than “normal” amounts of snow, with less than great conditions. These conditions have finally changed in… Read More