Ski Swap 2020

UPDATE 11/19 10:37AM

Madnorski Ski Swap is ON!

Dane County Health Officials have approved our plan.  In the description below, you will see that considerable effort is being made to reduce the risks of COVID-19 for all of us.  For example, this is an outdoor event, masks are required, limited entry, one-way traffic, 6-foot-spaced lines, online registration for sellers’ gear drop-off (see link below), touch-less pay (Venmo @Madnorski-Club preferred — our QR code), plexiglass at check-out, and more.  Please read all the following points.  Gear-up to make it easier to be active and healthy this winter!

  1. Mad Nor Ski will be moving forward with the Ski Swap on Saturday November 21st as planned. Sale hours 11am-4pm, Gear Drop-off Friday 4pm-6pm and Saturday 9am-10:30am.
  1. We will limit 6 people in the parking lot and limit time looking for skis and gear if there is a line outside of the sale. People waiting in line will be asked to stand at least 6 feet apart while waiting to enter. Please park in the street and walk to the parking lot as it will be blocked off for the sale. 
  1. Masks are required to enter and you will be asked to social distance when shopping. Please respect others’ space when shopping.  
  1. We are prepared for rain so this event will happen regardless of weather.
  1. To allow for smooth and touch-less payment our preferred payment is Venmo. We will take credit cards if you don’t have Venmo (it’s 2020, you should have Venmo by now). 
  1. Please fill out the form below if you have skis or gear to sell or donate prior to drop off on Friday November 20th 4pm-6pm and Saturday November 21st 9:00am-10:30am. This will make the process for dropping off gear a lot smoother. If you don’t complete this form we will have you complete a form at a table prior to dropping off gear with a volunteer.  There is a place to indicate if this is a donation at the end of the form.
  1. Please pick up gear or check from 4pm-6pm. If you don’t pick up your gear or check we will consider the check and gear a donation to Mad Nor Ski. We will not have another time to pick up checks or gear so please be sure to come back between 4pm and 6pm. 
  1. If you have any symptoms of covid-19 or been around someone that has tested positive please stay home and don’t come to the sale. 
  1. We will have hand sanitizer in multiple areas for your convenience.  
  1. Remember, this is a fundraiser to get more youth in our community on skis so if you are able to donate your 100% of the proceeds of the sale I know they would really appreciate it. 
Matt Riley

(Download PDF flyer)
(Download PDF Seller Instructions)

This is a used Nordic ski equipment sale.  Either drop-off items prior to the sale to sell or come buy gear, (or both)!  If your items sell, MadNorSki Youth Programs will keep 25% of this amount, and you will receive 75% of this amount. If you would like, you may include “or best offer” for flexibility OR choose to donate 100%.

Thanks for supporting our youth athletic programs. We are proud to offer programming for athletes aged 5-18. Your support means more kids out and moving — thanks for your commitment to a healthy community!

  • When:  Saturday November 21, 2020
  • Where: Parking lot of CXC Center of Excellence (718 Post RD, Madison WI)
  • COVID-19 precautions:
    • Mask REQUIRED, bring personal hand sanitizer
    • Outdoor venue
    • Controlled entry/exit
    • Limited, metered entry
    • Spaced entry line
    • Touch-less Pay with Venmo @Madnorski-Club, or leave a check on the table.

Instructions for sellers/donors:

Drop Off:

Drop off your Skis, Boots, Poles, Bindings on:

  • Friday, November 20th 4pm-6-pm or
  • Saturday, November 21st 9am-10:30am at
  • CXC Center of Excellence (718 Post RD Suit f, Madison WI 53713)

Either donate the equipment or set the price.  For smooth drop off process, please have a pre-written slip with:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Selling price, indicate or-best-offer, if desired for each item

Inventory Form

When dropping off, fill out the inventory form (provided) with your contact information. List each and every item you bring to sell on a separate line. Be specific, please! For example, instead of writing “Skate boots,” please write “Salomon Skate Boots size 42.”


Please write the amount you would like to sell your item for. If your item sells, MadNorSki Youth Programs will keep 25% of this amount, and you will receive 75% of this amount. If you would like, you may include “or best offer” for flexibility OR choose to donate 100%.


Securely fasten a tag to each item with your assigned vendor # (top right corner of your envelope), a detailed description of the item, and the determined price. Use the loop on the tag and/or a rubber band to ensure it stays on.


On Saturday, November 21st 4pm-5:30PM, you may pick up your check for 75% of the sales and/or your remaining equipment that did not sell at CXC Parking lot.


Thank you for your support!