Elver Park

Skied at 7:15AM before any grooming and the warmup. Overall fair to poor. Coverage is fair on east side trails and west side wooded trails, fair to poor around ball fields. Deck is very hard but there was enough for edging and it wasn't down to pure ice just yet. All downhills surprisingly good –… Read More

Odana Golf Course

Fair and leaning on poor in several spots. Deck is hard as a rock and quite hard to edge on. Many spots ice. A smattering of bare patches that are still navigable. Surface was surprisingly slow considering the temperature. Classic tracks do not look good except for a few stretches. Did not ski the connector… Read More

Elver Park

Mostly good and freshly groomed. Getting thin in places (like the pines), but amazingly good coverage considering. City groomer was making the rounds this morning. Tracks in some places still holding some shape…. Read More

University Ridge Golf Course

The Zimmer loops will be open for one more day (Feb 15) and then we are closed until we get more snow. The last grooming was Saturday morning. Thanks…. Read More

CXC Trails

Snowmaking loop groomed for skating with some fresh classic tracks. Excellent and fast skiing out there…. Read More

Blue Mound SP

The Green, Yellow and Red trail loops were groomed and tracked this morning. The southern exposed areas have diminishing snow depths so they were left untouched. Downhill sections can be icy and sections below the campground have some asphalt exposed…. Read More

Elver Park

A couple inconsequential icy parts down by the diamonds, and a few bare or brown spots here and there that can be avoided. Leaf litter heavier on the west trails and a little bit of fresh stuff throughout to keep things from being way too fast. Very skiable. Amazing to have this option. Thank you… Read More

Mirror Lake SP – Baraboo

Trails had not been groomed for quite a while, but fresh snow over a firm base made for quite nice conditions. Ishnala, Northwest, and Hastings loops all good. Fern Dell a little more used and a more leaves/debris, especially at the beginning, but not bad. Downhills will get icy as fresh snow gets scraped off… Read More

CXC Trails

Wow! Freshly set tracks, and a deeply tilled skate lane on the snowmaking loop. Keep up the great work!… Read More

CXC Trails

Snowmaking groomed for skating and classic this morning. Very good conditions and will get better later this as we till snow every morning. Natural snow trails groomed in places where we can. Trails on the golf course are closed…. Read More