Our Annual Fundraising Appeal has begun– Become a Trailblazer!

Dear Madnorski Supporters,

As winter approaches and our hearts yearn for the snow-covered trails of Elver Park, we are thrilled to launch our annual Trailblazer fundraising drive. This campaign is our rallying call, inviting each one of you to join together to ensure that our grooming equipment is primed and ready for the upcoming season. 

Over the years, we have learned invaluable lessons about grooming from Madnorski Master Groomer Dick Steinle. One of the most significant takeaways is the need to treat our grooming equipment with care and to look ahead for future needs. By becoming a Madnorski Trailblazer, you play a pivotal role in maintaining our equipment, allowing us to spend more time on the snow and less time waiting for costly repairs.

Madnorski needs your help now to ensure we’re ready to groom when the temperatures drop. Your donations are crucial in enabling us to continue providing excellent skiing experiences at Elver Park. Here’s how your support can make a difference:

Our grooming equipment at Elver Park requires a replacement part to set classic tracks. These tracks are utilized by everyone, from beginners renting skis to experienced Birchleggers. Additionally, our groomer is showing signs of age. While we provide it with the care it deserves, the club is planning for a replacement, and your generous gift will help us be proactive in this endeavor.

During the off-season, we need to move and store our equipment. UV damage and rodents pose significant threats to our gear. A storage trailer will not only keep our equipment safe but will also ease the process of loading and unloading, reducing the risk of damage to our groomer and snowmobiles.

Madnorski supports snowmaking at CXC, which proved invaluable last season when there wasn’t enough natural snow at Elver to run our lessons and youth programs. Snowmaking is becoming increasingly essential, yet the costs continue to rise. 

Our goal is to raise $19,500–your donation to the Trailblazer Fund will help with regular maintenance, replace wear and tear items, and simply keep the gas tanks full.  We are off to a great start with ¼ of our goal already met.  Let’s keep the momentum going and THINK SNOW!

With warm regards and gratitude,

Brian Turany
Grooming Chair
Madnorski Board of Directors