We did it! GoFundMe for Elver Grooming

The club received in the mail both a $1000 check that was part of the pledged matching funds AND an anonymous $500 donation for the GoFundMe for Elver Grooming. So it is official—we did it!  We reached our goal of raising $30,000 and we have paid the down payment towards the club’s new 2025 snow mobile that will be ready for delivery in the fall!

This is a time to celebrate! Thank you to everyone who made this possible. More than 200 individual and family donations were received – a good chunk from supporters outside our club membership. We are so grateful for this outpouring of support. Thank you to Tony Hartman who came up with the idea in the first place 🙂 Way to go, Tony!  A hearty thanks to our amazing Fundraising team – Jonny Hunter, Dick Steinle, Brian Turany, Mike Ivey, Tony Hartman, Carrie Eaton and Mark Webber. This could not have happened without your valuable input and work during the weeks of the campaign. Thank you also to our group of long-time Madnorskiers who very generously pledged the matching money moving us from $15,000 quickly to $25,000. Then finally, thank you to our anonymous club member & donor of the Concept 2 Ski Erg that created a fun flurry of excitement for the final stretch of our campaign. So awesome! 

We can be really be proud of our Madison Nordic Community. What a great achievement! We will look forward to celebrating together and in person at the spring meeting at the Trek Trailhead Lodge on Monday, May 6. (More information about that in our upcoming Newsletter)

Thank you all!