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Madnorski Race Suits

We have a “team storefront” open until midnight, Tuesday, November 20, 2018 where you can order a Madnorski race suit, jacket or pants. Items ordered will be shipped in late December. Items will be mailed to you directly in mid to late January.

There are a couple of different price options and you can order pieces separately.  For instance, a full race suit is both top and bottoms, but often people just wear a top with black tights if they don’t want to order the complete set. Both the gold and bronze will have the same design for the most part.  There might be slight differences because of material type and stitching.

Unisex Bronze ($65 top, $65 bottom, $130 full suit)–

“For those who want a quality nordic suit that covers the basics at a lower price point, this is the one for you. Our Lillehammer Bronze fabric is super soft to the touch and adds a bit of compression for a supportive fit. Overlock seams keep the look clean and simple while allowing for uninterrupted design across panels.”

Unisex Gold ($97.50 top, $97.50 bottom, $195 full suit)–

“This is our highest performance two-piece race suit. Its whopping 32 panels allow the suit to conform to your body through every motion. Our Lillehammer Gold fabric is milled specifically for Podiumwear and features carbon fiber yarn to boost blood circulation around major muscle groups. An abrasion-resistant fabric protects common “hot spots” that tend to come into contact with Velcro on ski gloves and boots. Flatseam construction throughout makes it feel like a second skin and 6 thread-color options allow for great design opportunities. Details like articulated knees and smooth tailored waist hem add to the comfort and quality.”

Order and pay online by Sunday, December 24, 2017 at midnight. The order will take roughly 4 weeks to complete production and items will be mailed directly to you. ($10 shipping cost will apply) 

Madnorski Team Storefront


Madnorski Sweatshirts

Order your awesome Madnosrki sweatshirt for $35.90 and support the Madnorski Junior Team in the process.  This is our second order this season, so sweatshirts will be here in early January and will be delivered to you at either practice or the next Madnorski meeting. They’re cozy, comfortable, and you can put your last name on the back too! Order will be submitted November 20, 2018. Questions, call, Brenda Baker, 608-628-5830

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Email Tamara if you have questions!