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Elver Park

More than good! Where is the groomer tip jar? He was out there at 9 and did a beautiful job. Thanks so much!… Read More

Governor Nelson SP

We need more snow. Parts of the Morningside loop were very good, but then lots of stretches had nearly bare track. Lots of in-and-out of the tracks and dodging rocks and dirt. Skate deck seemed pretty hard packed with the little bit of fresh snow dust making it tolerable…. Read More

Pleasant View Golf Course

Groomed this morning which made most of the trails skiable. Some good sections, other sections bare ground. There are some good re-routs around bare areas, but no directional signs that I could see for the re-routs. Avoid the black far west loop-most is very thin with too many bare spots to go around…. Read More

CXC Trails

Snowmaking loops excellent and groomed this morning. Garmin had the distance at 1.2K. New north out & back loop along the woods a little uneven and the turnaround is on a slight downhill making it difficult. Snow whales in the woods appear ready to be spread and groomed for another short loop. Previous loops flat… Read More

University Ridge Golf Course

We groomed the skate trails on the Zimmer and the access paths today. Classic tracks are still in good shape on the Zimmer. Until we get new snow, this will the only loops that we will be able to keep grooming. Open 9-5pm all week…. Read More

Elver Park

We skied starting at 3:30 and the groomer was out. It was very fast. The east trails were a bit better–I'd say excellent given the amount of snow we have. Thanks, groomers, for grooming and for patching some of the thinner spots…. Read More

Iola Winter Sports Park

Skied all the blue and green and some of the black yesterday. We had a great time and found the trails in surprisingly good condition. Of course there are a few small patches to deal with and a leaf here or there but not a big deal. I agree with the previous post, it’s well… Read More

Elver Park

Got there at at 4 and followed the groomer around the trails🏆 I can’t believe the voodoo magic that they’re doing with the minimal amount of snow. Tracks are fair to good, some spots with dirt and leaves. Andrea skated and couldn’t believe how good the conditions were. Buy the groomers a beer already 🤞🤞… Read More


Maple Bluff Golf Course – Conditions for striding here were better than expected. Some would say rock skis required but I found I could go around any bare spots when needed – and I didn't have to do that very often at all. Much of the classic track (on one side or the other of… Read More