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Blue Mound SP

Hit the blue loop today at 1:30. The first hill when you leave the lot was still a bit icy, but the later hills (red/blue) had gotten enough sun by then to soften up. Not great conditions, but get out there while you can…. Read More

Cherokee Marsh

Tracks were well worn due to warmer temps and stupid walkers with their footprints. Dunno if they didn't get the memo but they are stupid anyway because why walk when you can ski? Very slick conditions which made some smaller uphills a bit harder or had to fish bone when it wasn't needed before. Downhills… Read More

McCarthy Park

Skied all loops late morning. Tracks OK. Shallow in places but no bear ground. Soft and wet in places as one would expect…. Read More

McCarthy Park

Even though it's icy (be careful in the parking lot and at the trailhead!), the grooming was really nice this morning. (I was there around 8am.) Classic tracks are shallow, but solid. Everything was icy and fast, but still enough granular stuff to get an edge while skating…. Read More


CRUST SKI !!!!!! Close to excellent this morning. Friday AM should be perfect…. Read More

Pleasant View Golf Course

Chopped up the skating lane the best I could, should be skiable. Couldn't do anything with the classic tracks. First time this year that I've seen footprints on the trail (upper CXC loop), that's pretty good. I'm not counting my own footprints after having to walk after breakdowns…. Read More

Odana Golf Course

Wow, the groomer is here, the City sure has gotten after it this winter. Little bit icy but doable…. Read More